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Public Partnerships

New name, fresh look, same approach

We did a little refresh for you.
We hope you like it!

We've been making self-directed care and support easier since 2008.  We've always focussed more on what we are doing than what we call our ourselves.  However, now that we are collaborating more and more with our sister company in the USA to create the global leader in self-directed care & support, we are rebranding and renaming PCG's health and social care business in the UK to be 'Public Partnerships'.

What Remains the Same

What we do - web-based solutions for self-directed care & support
Who we are - there are no changes to any of the team
Our corporate setup - we remain a proud subsidiary company of Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG)

What Is Changing

Our name - from PCG to Public Partnerships
Our website - including our new visual identity
Our email addresses - although our old PCG ones will still work

Over the remainder of the year, all our materials and systems will be refreshed. For now, we hope you like it and please contact us at if you have any feedback, questions or concerns.

Stay safe and healthy,

Public Partnerships