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Response to the plan for health & social care

The Government has released some long-awaited details of its plan for social care.  In this article, we pick out a few of the areas that PPL is readying itself to help with. 

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Digitally Supporting the Employment of Personal Assistants

PA Recruitment Tool - helping to turbo-charge self-directed care decision making. 

Already in use by Local Authorities and CCG's - a digital platform that is user friendly, up to date and a comprehensive source of information. Supporting the recruitment & responsibilities of Employing Personal Assistants for Individuals.

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Learning from People and Communities to Deliver Integrated Care

Integrated Care - The Way Forward

Working together towards a joint vision, collaboration NOT competition to deliver the best in 'shared care'. 

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Save The Date - Forthcoming Webinars showcasing digital solutions for Self-Directed Care/Personalisation

Join us to learn more about how PPL is revolutionising the delivery of personalisation for NHS and Local Authority organisations.


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