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Quarterly Personal Health Budget Data Analysis Q3

NHS England requires all CCGs to submit data on Personal Health Budgets quarterly.  We have analysed the most recent data return to draw out some key observations.  

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Delivering One-Off Personal Health Budgets with Virtual Wallet

The latest NHS England Guidance (published in December 2021) advises that CCGs should use one-off personal health budgets to enable the care and support required to ensure a timely discharge from hospital. PPL's Virtual Wallet solution enables CCGs to manage rapid, same-day payments.

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Virtual Wallet v Pre-Paid Cards

Many funding bodies continue to utilise pre-paid cards for administering direct payments and personal budgets.  Pre-paid cards do have many advantages – indeed, we sought to emulate many of these when we conceived and built the Virtual Wallet solution.   This article picks out some of the key differences. 


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Supporting families & disabled children with easier access & management of Short Breaks

Short Breaks give disabled children and young people experiences that are fun, stimulating and enjoyable which reduces their social isolation and helps their personal and social development. It's crucial therefore that families have choices and can easily apply for and access services, and that Local Authorities have systems and processes that enable them to deliver services more efficiently, whilst monitoring expenditure. This is where digital, on-line applications can really help to speed things up for all involved.

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