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Digitally Supporting the Employment of Personal Assistants

This won’t be a difficult scenario to imagine. Many of us will have been involved either directly or indirectly in making decisions about whether to be cared for within the comfort of home or having to choose an alternative option.

 If you or someone you know is living with a long-term condition and is unwell, being able to have the choice about who cares for you and how, can make a real difference. Knowing that the people in your life that care for you day in, day out, are stable, familiar and know you well, can make a significant impact on health and wellbeing.

Just imagine having flexibility in your day, without having to stick to set timescales - having a great support team caring for you can make this a reality. That is why, now more than ever, attracting, recruiting and retaining good Personal Assistants (PAs) that offer consistency, companionship and great personalised care at home, is vital. Sadly, it’s a reality that this is not always an easy task and that PA numbers in some areas are low, which makes recruitment difficult. This can mean that people have limited choices and may have to choose traditional care agencies rather than having the freedom and flexibility of having their own self-selected care team to support them. 

PA registers can be out of date and stagnant and other providers may need to be commissioned to help find and recruit PAs which can be costly and take time.  With this in mind, PPL’s Recruitment Tool has been designed with care and the community in mind. Whether you are recruiting Personal Assistants, Care Workers or Volunteers, our Recruitment Tool can help.  

We believe in making PA recruitment easier for everyone – for the individuals seeking to employ PAs, for people considering this as a profession, and for health and social care professionals that need to know there is a pool of good PAs available.  

This, together with comprehensive information, advice, guidance and tools to make matching, employment and training much more accessible, is helping to support our clients to ‘turbo charge’ their self-directed care offer to the people that will benefit the most.  

PPL’s Recruitment tool includes the following: -

  • An attractive website to promote the tool
  • Content and videos to guide people through the process 
  • A comprehensive registration process for candidates and employers 
  • CV Builder, Training Logs, Contract Builder  
  • Advertise a position to all candidates or selected candidates 
  • Visibility for professionals and reporting and analytics 

Empowering the Person to make self-directed care so much easier for all involved.

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