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Hull City Council COVID-19 Dashboard goes live

Following on from the success of the recently launched dashboard for Bradford, PCG worked with Hull to develop a more detailed version, allowing for separation of the providers into the relevant service areas, such as Home Care, Day Services, Housing Related Services and Supported Living. The digital solution was implemented within four working days.

Aimed at Council Staff, the Dashboard leverages PCG’s ASSIST directory capability to show the current Red / Amber / Green capabilities of service providers across the Hull area.  Providers can update their status in real time, using a unique login and password and changes are reflected immediately on the front end.

The dashboard shows the different provider types in separate tabs to enable the different teams to easily monitor the providers in their service area. Staff can search for individual providers across the whole dashboard, and also can filter via RAG status, thus easily accessing the details for those providers showing red status. This has meant the staff can focus their efforts on those providers most in need of support. In addition, daily reports of the full dashboard are provided to Hull staff, while regular reminder emails are sent to providers reminding them of their access details and update requirements.

The COVID-19 Provider Dashboard is one of several solutions that we are working on to help Local Authorities and CCGs support individuals and social care and health providers in these difficult times. Find more information about these on our covid-19 solutions page.

Please contact us ( if you think a solution like this could help your organisation.