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Learning from People and Communities to Deliver Integrated Care

As integrated care systems (ICSs) develop, it will be essential for all local partners, including ICS staff, NHS, local authorities and the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector, to come together to develop a better understanding of how patients and users experience integrated care. 

How does digital technology help with integrated care provision? 

Listening to people and learning from their experiences offers the opportunity to change care for the better and here at PPL, this is what we do well. 

Before we design, develop and implement new digital solutions for our health and social care partners, we work closely with operational management and health and social care steering groups. We run focus group sessions with the people needing care, the Personal Assistants that work on their behalf, family members, service personnel and local providers.

We do all of this market-research because it's important to us that we listen to what people need and as such, we strive to provide the best possible digital platforms that can be used by individuals and all involved in their care planning and delivery.

With collaboration between health and social care now 'the name of the game', it's crucial that technology can be used jointly by all those involved.  Assisting with 'shared care' and providing real time data and reporting to help with planning, budgeting and meeting outcomes is so much easier using joined up digital systems. 

It's not just about the professionals either, digitally empowering people to make their own choices and manage their own care can be daunting for professionals. Using digital solutions and having instant insight into 'what's happening' with an individual is re-assuring and helps to minimise risk.

We have been making it easier for local authorities and our NHS clients to deliver services for over ten years and we'll continue to do so by continuing to listen, learn and evolve -  helping to make integrated care and joint working for all involved, simpler, more efficient and better. 

If you would like to know more about how PPL can help your organisation, please get in touch: 

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