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Virtual Wallet in Croydon

We have been working with Croydon Council and its partners to deploy our Virtual Wallet solution for direct payment recipients in the area.  The Virtual Wallet solution sits alongside the Croydon Adult Support website and the direct payments support service provided by the user-led charity Independent Lives.

Virtual Wallet will be the default offering to all new direct payment recipients, rather than using pre-paid cards.  The Virtual Wallet puts the management of a direct payment in the hands of the individual (or their nominated representative), giving them all of the benefits of self-directed care & support without all of the hassle and admin. 

It is expected that Virtual Wallet will help the council increase the uptake of direct payments and encourage more people to self-serve whilst delivering significant savings.  

Our support team will be on hand to support individuals and Personal Assistants with Virtual Wallet.  The existing direct payment support service (from Independent Lives) will still provide ‘on-the-ground’ information, advice and support to individuals (including PA recruitment and setup), although the Croydon Adult Support website developed by us can also help individuals find a PA or a provider.

The solution includes a website to promote uptake, along with a user-friendly tutorial that explains how it all works.  The first individuals in Croydon are already up and running with their Virtual Wallet, and we are working closely with the locality and community teams to roll it out as widely as possible.  

Take a look at the Croydon Virtual Wallet site