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Public Partnerships selected for government RM3745 framework for health and community

The RM3745 Framework provides central government and public sector customers with a compliant route to market for acquiring consultancy advice and audit services directly from select providers, including PCG, through 2021.

“PPL’s appointment to this framework is the result of a cross-practice effort to expand services for UK customers. I’m pleased that through this framework, we have the opportunity to develop new partnerships with public sector organisations across the UK to promote improved outcomes for the people and communities they serve,” said William Mosakowski, President and CEO.

RM3745 Management Consultancy Framework Lot 5 is focused on services for Health and Community organizations. PPL’s success on RM3745 Management Consultancy Framework Lot 5 recognizes the wider support PCG offers UK clients, alongside its Technology and Financial Solutions for Health and Social Care.

More information on the RM3745 Management Consulting Framework is available here (opens in a new window).