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Self-Directed Care & Support

Self-Direction. Personalisation. Strengths-based. Co-produced.

Patient-led. Citizen-centric. Personalised.

Regardless of the words you use, these phrases collectively represent a revolution in health and social care.   Across the world, individuals and their families are benefitting from choice and control.  

Our aim at Public Partnerships is simply to make self-directed care & support easier.  

Perhaps you or a loved one has a disability or a long-term health condition.  Maybe its just about getting older and needing some help at home.  Or that you simply want to connect with your community more.  Self-directed care & support is about empowering and enabling people.  It can mean different things to different people, ranging from a bit of information & advice at one end of the scale through to the day-to-day management of complex health packages via a personal health budget. 

Self-directed care & support is being embraced by the NHS and the local authorities that are responsible for social care.  It asks 'What matters to you?' instead of 'What is the matter with you?'.  It puts you at the centre, and creates alternatives to traditional care and support models such as care homes.  

Public Partnerships is passionate about how digital solutions can increase choice and control for all.  We work in partnership with health and social care organisations to deliver web-based solutions that make self-directed care & support easier.   

Self-Directed Care & Support for Everyone

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Who we serve

We work in partnership with local authorities and NHS organisations across the UK.  

Our parent company is the largest self-directed care support organisation in the USA.  Visit our USA website to find out more...


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